Nokia, Romania

Client: Nokia
Location: Timisoara, western Romania
Size or value: 27,000 sqm GLA of offices

Type Projects

Date 01/01/0001

Services used: Office agency

Office consolidation of Nokia in Timisoara

Nokia is the largest office occupier in Timisoara with a local team of IT professionals that grew significantly during the last decade. Their offices were located in 4 different buildings from the central area of the city, including old and new buildings of various standards.

The Client asked us to identify and secure an office accommodation solution to consolidate their local operations into a single office location, preferable an office campus, where to accommodate the current team, but to have also the opportunity to expand.

After an intensive office market analysis, we identified a central location, placed only 500 meters from the city’s ground zero, where Bega Group, the largest local office landlord and developer, has agreed to develop a build-to-suit office accommodation for Nokia.

Nokia’s employees are now operational into a single location, provided with A-class specifications, easy parking and direct access from the downtown and other major residential areas of the city.

Nokia occupies today 27,000 sqm GLA in the first two buildings of Bega Business Park, representing the largest office occupier in Timisoara and outside the capital Bucharest.

Project lead: