Galleria Al Wasl, Dubai

Client: Bright Star
Location: Jumeirah 1, Dubai, UAE
Size: BUA 14,256 sqm, GLA 7,672sqm
Value: 50 million AED

Type Projects

Date 01/01/0001

Services used:
Project Management
Property Management

There was an evident need to develop a dedicated community mall offer in Jumeirah to mainly cater for the Emirati clientele. When planning this project considerable though went into both the design of the mall and the retail mix that would deliver the target custom. The retail market in Dubai is well established however only 13% of the total mall offer is represented by dedicated community mall retail so there was an evident gap in the market which we felt could be exploited with the correct elements incorporated in this scheme.

Acquiring unique F&B retail offer was of paramount importance to deliver the project. A protracted assessment process was required involving detailed research, where required the visiting of regions where potential F&B offer was identified and ultimately delivering them to the Dubai market. Design, the use of natural light in the front of house circulation area is limited intentionally to create an environment similar to that of a Majlis tailoring the mall to the Emirati clientele particularly. The general retail offer also formed an important component to further support the community element with requirements for mid to mid-high range of lifestyle, service and entertainment designed to cater for both the Emirati and expatriate clientele.

Since opening in 2014 the Galleria has delivered both in terms of being a local focal point which is supported by both increasing footfall in an otherwise challenging market and in terms of conversion which has created a sustainable environment for the Gallerias retail partners. To that end the Galleria has become more than a community mall with visitors coming from throughout the GCC to experience the offer the mall currently has, this was added to recently with the first outdoor cinema to be situated in a mall in Dubai. The success of the Galleria has led to the development of a second Galleria Mall currently under construction in the Al Barsha community within Dubai. This project is due for completion in the fall of 2018.