Energean Oil & Gas, Greece

Location: North Aegean Sea, Gulf of Kavala, Greece
Detail/Size: The Oil and Gas Reserves cover an area of 4 km2, about
8 km north-west of the island of Thassos and 18 km south of the mainland of North Greece, in a water depth of 31 meters

Type Projects

Date 01/01/0001

Services used:

GLP VALUES, a member of GVA Worldwide, has been appointed by Energean Oil & Gas to carry out an appraisal of the fair value of the Group’s fixed assets, plant & machinery (Reserves, Contingent Resources and Prospective Resources) according to International  Accounting  Standard & the International Financial Reporting Standards.

Energean Oil & Gas is a private E&P company focused on Greece, the Adriatic, the East Mediterranean and North Africa. They are the only oil & gas producer in Greece with a 35-year track record of operating offshore and onshore oil & gas assets in environmentally sensitive areas.

Our valuation team had to conclude the assignment within strict timeframe. 

Our valuation team successfully finalized the assignment within the specified timeframe.

Project Lead: g.litsas@glpv.gr