Bean There Bistro, Dubai

Client: Abela & Co
Location: Millennium Airport Hotel, Dubai
Size: 330 sqm
Value: 1,680,000 million AED

Type Projects

Date 01/01/0001

Services used:
Interior Design
FF&E Procurement

Bean There Bistro is a young and trendy upscale, contemporary restaurant which H&H Studio developed and created for Abela & Co as their first Bistro F&B Concept. The project encompassed all aspects from branding, interior design, furniture design, art & accessories selection, procurement, and supervision services. The Bistro’s design was a labour of love and passion, with a strong desire to create something unique to Dubai’s growing chic and hip restaurant sector and to visually whet the appetite of customers. The combination of materials were selected to reflect an urban, yet organic and fresh feel, with the main feature being a green living wall with natural foliage and a five meter long bar hand carved from a single bark of wood imported from Indonesia. As the Bistro is open throughout the day and night, the study of the architectural and decorative lighting combined with the natural daylight coming through the full height glazing, was carefully studied in order to maintain the highlights of the features within the space.

As the existing space is quite large, with seven-meter-high ceilings; the objective was to provide several separate zones that would be used at all hours of the day, which felt cosy and intimate, yet at the same time respects and ties together the overall environment.

the vertical and horizontal layering of natural pine wood in slatted panels was used to create an inner shell within the existing structure. This casual play and use of the same material allowed us to define the spaces while maintaining a warm yet open atmosphere. At the same time, the interplay of concrete flooring and patterned tiles was also designed to blend the areas together, while bringing in hints of colour that further unifies the area.

Developed and created a new higher-end F&B concept for the Client