International Property Management

Adding value and maximising returns

Acting on behalf of landlords and tenant occupiers, GVA Worldwide's international commercial property management teams take on full responsibility for the day to day management of buildings ensuring that services are provided for, both efficiently and effectively, and that all landlords and tenants contractual obligations are complied with. Timely and accurate financial reporting is of the upmost importance and a core service offer.

From a landlord’s perspective, the test for any international property management service is whether it enhances a property’s value – no easy feat in a highly competitive and cost conscious world.

With international commercial property project management, being proactive is a must, whether managing profitable assets or repositioning troubled ones. We manage a range of property portfolios for national and international owners by maximising occupancy levels and striving for tenant satisfaction.

For our occupier tenant clients we take responsibility for the administration of both premises and leases that can also include the provision of facility management services and consultation.

We ensure that landlords deliver contracted services and that any issues that impact on the use of the premises are resolved quickly. Our accounts staff will ensure that rents and other lease charges are correct and payment made in good time.