We know that every business is unique – which is why our property solutions are tailored to the needs of each individual client.

We deal with the entire property lifecycle, from drawing board to disposal. That means that we’re able to support our clients throughout the entirety of their real estate matter. They can also draw on our talent pool for additional services, if they need them.

The versatility of our service, quality of advice and outstanding track record all underpin our success. But it’s also down to the human factor. We value each client, and take the time to understand their business. It’s reciprocated in the enduring relationships we’ve formed with the investors, developers and occupiers that come to us for advice.

We’re more than a real estate agency. We do sell, buy and lease property and land for our clients. And we have experts in real estate in every major sector, as well as a number of niche areas.

But we also advise and support our clients in many other ways, including through our tenant representation consultancy. Our client’s goals may differ, but the service they receive is always of the same, unfailingly high quality.

After gaining a full understanding of our client’s requirements we quickly identify the best property to match their business needs and budget. We negotiate effectively to achieve the best possible terms and oversee the legal process through to completion.

Disposals and lettings:
Surplus or under-utilised property is a financial drain on any business that needs to be swiftly dealt with. If an early surrender on sensible terms can’t be negotiated, we can create a targeted marketing strategy to fill vacant space – or sell it.  We’ll lead subsequent discussions, and work closely with the client’s lawyers to make sure the matter is sorted out as quickly as possible.

Tenant representation:
We always keep the client’s requirements in mind when we advise them. Those needs form the basis of our recommendations and assistance. Our aim is simple: To get the best possible result for the client at lease renewal or a mid-term lease restructuring, regardless of the property type or size. Our detailed understanding of lease structures - and the property market - is often invaluable during negotiations.

Our environment shapes us, which is why it’s vital that the buildings we live and work in are fit for purpose.

Over the years, the nature of building advisory services has evolved, as stricter regulations and new leasing arrangements have extended - and complicated - the list of considerations for all relevant parties. The introduction of Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards (MEES), is just one example of the type of legislation that must now be understood by landlords and occupiers.

Our international teams cut through jargon and the dense legislation to provide clear, expert advice on every aspect of buildings.

We know that relationships are crucial to success in capital markets.

We’ve worked hard to build up our presence in capital markets, with the aim of adding value for our clients. The connections we’ve forged provide us with early information on open market sales, and opportunities that have yet to be announced. And they also enable us to find the ideal buyer for our clients’ real estate assets.

We help our clients to realise their development projects, giving them the support they need for successful completion. We share their objectives and priorities; cost and time are always of key importance.

Our approach is multi-disciplinary and collaborative. In practice this means that our planners, financial consultants, valuers, regeneration experts, property managers and business rates advisers work together – offering a flexible package of property and land services. It’s a service that’s fully integrated, and seamlessly delivered.

Our international network of chartered development surveyors are the core of our development consultancy. We’ve worked on thousands of complex projects for public and private sector clients, across all industry sectors.

We appreciate that our clients’ business objectives differ. The range of services of our specialist real estate finance consultancy reflects that diversity.

Our experts help to maximize portfolio value, source private finance to fund capital projects, and deliver major housing, infrastructure, regeneration and mixed-use developments.

Every client’s project is unique. We’ve advised on a broad sweep of project types, from the creation of funds and operation of major urban regeneration vehicles, to joint ventures and acquisitions.

Our teams across the world are united by a commitment to deliver projects on time, to budget and to very high standards.

We start by developing a brief, before tailoring the tendering and procurement route to the needs of our clients.

We then control cost and risks on their behalf, an approach we adopt regardless of a projects’ size. That consistency gives peace of mind to clients worldwide.

Our property management teams are trusted to manage property portfolios for hundreds of national and international owners and occupiers around the world.

That trust is based on our professionalism, technical expertise and knowledge of the market – which we apply whether managing profitable assets, or repositioning troubled ones. We always aim to maximise occupancy levels, and strive for tenant satisfaction.

From a landlord’s perspective, the test for any international property management service is whether it enhances a property’s value – no easy feat in a highly competitive marketplace. We ensure that landlord’s deliver contracted services and that any issues that impact on the use of the premises are resolved quickly.

For our occupier tenant clients we take responsibility for the administration of both premises and leases which can also incorporate the provision of facility management services and consultation.

Sustainability is firmly established in international business practice. It’s also a guiding principle in the real estate industry, and it guides everything we do.

The business case for sustainability is clear, and powerful: Not only does it create business value, but also improves the performance of buildings, and people.

We believe that adopting a clear and effective sustainability strategy helps to make a real difference in the fight against climate change. Our experts deliver cutting edge advice on the different ways in which sustainability can be embedded in real estate assets.

Knowing how much a property is worth at any given time is vital in today’s fast moving international property valuation market. It demands expertise in a range of markets, in addition to experience, transaction intelligence, research and detailed analysis.

GVA Worldwide combines market data and economic forecasting to deliver accurate and logical reports with comprehensive advice.

Whatever the valuation need, whether it’s advice to a corporate on an acquisition, a strategic review of assets or working with an institution on a full fund portfolio valuation, we work as part of the client’s team to deliver optimal results.

The continuing expansion and evolution of the hotel and leisure sectors is a worldwide phenomenon. That dynamism has opened up exciting new opportunities in the market, for investors, developers and occupiers.

We’ve been successfully working in the hotels and leisure sector for a long time, assisting our clients throughout the property lifecycle.  We’re there from the initial market study, all the way through to helping negotiate commercial terms, and reviewing the operational performance of the hotel and leisure facilities.

The market for industrial real estate is fast-paced, driven by strong demand for high quality facilities and robust economic growth.

Our industrial intelligence spans the distribution and logistics property spectrum. Our teams are engaged in every activity in the property lifecycle, from development viability, site constraints, and environmental issues, to economic incentives.

The places and spaces where we spend our working lives are extremely important to our wellbeing. We’ve developed a suite of services to help our client get the best results from office space.

Our consultants work with clients to develop offices along sustainable, ergonomic lines – improving the quality of life for the people who work there, raising productivity and boosting the property’s marketability. We assist those clients at every stage, from pre-development through to completion, and beyond. Our knowledge of the office market means that our agency team is ideally positioned to help our clients buy, sell and lease office real estate.

The global retail market is changing fast. With the rise of ‘e-tail’, brick-and-mortar retailers have to be increasingly agile to successfully compete.

Our global teams help retail operators, investors and developers to successfully meet the challenges – and exploit the opportunities – which characterise today’s international retail environment.

At any given time, our global teams may be working with a retail operator client looking for space in a flagship urban location, a developer searching for a premium site, or an investor hunting for lucrative opportunities.

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